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Some people think if we uplift our House (Building) it can be harmful for Building, But company makes a Court Agreement and assess the value of complete construction, being mentioned in the Agreement. It increases the confidence of Building owner.

Our valuable whitewash and paint etc. is damaged in form of layer, because of moisture and raised water-level or you hadn't used proper water proofing material when you constructed the building, gradually moisture starts from down to upper side means from foundation level , Company makes a waterproof foundation, you can get liberation water related problems, company uplifts your House-Building lifting services in Kerala, Cochin, Chennai and Tamilnadu as per your requirement and serve you a raised and waterproof House.

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Aashirwad House Lifting

House Lifting Services Expert (Since 1991)

Aashirwad Co. established in 1991, first of all co. started Building lifting services in Kerala, House lifting services in Kerala the RCC blocks and gradually started Raising and moving for sizeable commercial and Residential buildings. Renowned name Aashirwadd House Lifting, Company works as to Lift & Shift (Raising & Moving) for commercial and Residential buildings. Co. has uplifted and shifted millions of buildings from jammu kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Aashirwadd Building lifting is pvt.ltd Company and Recognized by govt. of India. Co. has ISO Certificate for Best quality. Pioneers for entire Building Raising and Moving. Co. has adequate civil and structural engineers, skilled staff and sufficient equipments, for timely execution and quality work.

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You will have a meeting with one of our consultants and discuss all the details regarding your future project. He will answer all your questions you the future steps.

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Quality concern towards our House Lifting Services in Kerala, Cochin, Chennai and Tamilnadu has always been high and we make hard efforts to provide the clients reliable & effective services. The Shifting, House Lifting etc. services provided by us are exactly as per the clients' needs under the supervision of industry experts. We follow a proper procedure while rendering our services to ensure flawlessness and orderly execution of the work. After providing the service, we visit the clients location to check if the rendered service is comforting and no problems are faced by the clients. We have always been quality conscious while rendering our services and ensured to meet the requirements of the clients in an comforting way.

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    We Aashirwadd Building Lifting and Construction PVT. LTD, promises to provide best of solutions for house lifting and rotating.

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    With us, your properties are safe! We guarantee possible solutions for all of your issues.

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    Our house lifting services help you in expanding the stature, class and style of your structure speedily.

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    With our high ending services, you can simply solve your inconvenience like back flowing of water .


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