House Raising Service In Rajasthan

House Raising Service In Rajasthan

Why Aashirwadad for house raising?

The aforementioned question stands answered in the following heads

State-of-the-art equipment

We are equipped with the latest technology that ensures fast, safe and convenient solutions for lifting and shifting buildings.

Award-winning team with skilled professionals :

The contribution of our highly trained and efficient professionals have contributed in ways more than one and whose efforts have been appreciated in the form of various awards that we received for our work.

Ensuring 100% safety

We ensure 100% safety in our processes of lifting and shifting houses.

Crack or damage-free processes

We take good care of your buildings and we clearly assure you of crack or damage-free buildings after the shifting and lifting process.

Convenient rates

Our prices are extremely convenient because more than ostentatious profits, we work for your satisfaction.

With latest technologies and skilled professionals, we keep your houses intact and safe throughout the relocating process. Our methods treat your problems of sewage water by raising the level of your houses and buildings within the least possible time. Your home thus stays safe and secure. Kindly refer to the pictures and the videos below for our work.

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